Jacob Korthuis, Founder and Developer of Progressive Mental Alignment

Creator of the first and only Unified Brain Model

“People have the right to know and the right and freedom to make their own well-informed choices and decisions.”

- Jacob Korthuis -

Progressive Mental Alignment® awakens the body’s own powerful self-healing abilities to target and transform the subconscious source of poor emotional and physical health.


The result is transformative improvement in all areas of our personal and professional lives.


Progressive Mental Alignment emerged from the first and only Unified Brain Model; a comprehensive collection of all known and undisputed scientific facts about the brain and the impulses that drive the human experience.

Progressive Mental Alignment has been proven to significantly improve problems such as Depression, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Asthma, Intestinal problems, Autism, Psoriasis, Eczema, Multiple sclerosis, relationship issues and many other challenges.



Jacob’s Mission

Jacob is driven by an unstoppable determination to improve the quality of life for every humanbeing. He’s committed to uncovering the amazing power of our subconscious brain to help people experience more health, happiness, success and ultimate freedom.

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Progressive Mental Alignment moves forward where other techniques fail

More info Witness the powerful and immediate impact of subconscious healing at a live      Progressive Mental Alignment Workshop. The 8-Day Workshop is a live exploration of the  forces that drive the human experience.

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Feeling back-to-school stress?

School is almost back in session and whether you're a student, parent or teacher, some stress may be in store. PMA founder Jacob Korthuis offered health-minded solutions to this yearly stressor on WESH 2 News.  

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In his latest live interview on Orlando's CW18, Progressive Mental Alignment founder, Jacob Korthuis, shares the secret to accomplishing your New Year's resolutions.

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Our first LIVE ''Ask Me Anything'' event with Reddit.com.

What would happen if you could ask someone ANYTHING…….?

Jacob Korthuis was answering all sorts of questions about the brain’s amazing impact on every aspect of life!

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Our first LIVE American television Interview with CW18

Jacob Korthuis spoke with CW18's Michelle Imperato and Stewart Moore about the latest science surrounding the holiday blues- which plague people year after year.

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Pin point your greatest potential for growth and pave a path of greater health and happiness tailored to your unique personality, starting today.


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Desirable Power

See how the Unified Brain Model reveals the true source of emotional and physical problems and outlines the pathway to permanent healing for ultimate control of your life.

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