“People have the right to know and the right and freedom to make their own well-informed choices and decisions.”

- Jacob Korthuis -

Official Bio

Official Bio

Official Bio

Official Bio
During 2013-14, the prestigious University of Utrecht in Utrecht, The Netherlands studied the effects Progressive Mental Alignment had on problem-behavioral students in secondary education who were the victims of bullying and aggression in the school system.    

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Jacob Korthuis is a lifelong explorer of human behavior. As a Dutch researcher, scientist and Holistic Health specialist, he studied Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Iridology, Electro Acupuncture, Segment Electrography and Phytotherapy. He authored several books and became an internationally recognized figure for his research in human behavior and psychosomatic disease.

Jacob is an experienced healthcare business executive and strategist whom, after owning and operating a successful Holistic Health practice for more than two decades, also provided many consulting services for established healthcare technology and educational companies in the Netherlands for more than 15 years.

In 1986, Jacob developed the KORES Repertory System, a computerized model for categorizing ailments and symptoms to respective homeopathic medicines and treatment solutions. He also co-founded VBAG, the largest Natural Health Practitioner Organization in the Netherlands.

Today, Jacob is universally credited with the discovery of the “multiple coding system” of the brain, the inborn protection mechanism of the brain and the controlling negative effects of “bad clusters”--- sensory data, wrongly coded because of a neurophysiological “short-circuiting” in the brain. Jacob discovered how this wrongly coded data directly links to illness and psychosomatic disease. Jacob also found that the subconscious follows strict “language rules” that explain how the subconscious brain controls our health, belief systems, decisions, actions and behaviors.

Jacob’s most prestigious accomplishment to date has been the development of Progressive Mental Alignment® the coaching and self-help method that was originally introduced in 1995 as a result of his research and his drive to help others improve their lives.

Since its conception in 1995, Progressive Mental Alignment has aided those suffering from asthma, Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, eczema, psoriasis, depression, addiction, chronic fatigue, various other psychosomatic diseases, and different areas of Autism.

In 1996 he founded the BCE Institute and changed the name in 2005 into the PMA Institute, then subsequently co-founded EduMind in 2011, an organization focused on implementing the advantages of his scientific research with students and teachers in the Dutch educational school system.

Currently Jacob is CEO of the PMA Institute based out of Orlando, Florida as he continues to lecture internationally and helps everybody that looks for the fastest and most effective way to improve his or her health, relationships and success in life. He also educates psychologists, counselors, coaches, business trainers, and other medical professionals on how to utilize his method for their own practice or businesses.



" If Jacob Korthuis would ever receive the Nobel Prize, I would definitely not be surprised!! "

Drs. (PhD) Jaap Tybout, Psychologist, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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The program Public Safety Task of the Dutch Government; Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has awarded a grant for providing training to teachers and staff for preventing aggression and violence against the staff in secondary educationThe aim was to provide training and coaching to 90 teachers in secondary education.

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 The Unified Brain Model

The  PMA Mini-Workshop:

Instantly feel your life's potential and mind-body connection to a dramatic new level in just two hours with the #1 Dutch expert on the brain and human behavior, Jacob Korthuis.

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The Advance Training and PMA Certification Course (2x4 days):

Progressive Mental Alignment Training and Certification Course

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